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How to Trade Up to Blonde with Braé

If your client is ready to become a blonde but she is afraid of the hair damage, you have to show your care and concern. What should you explain to your client in order to comfort her and reassure her that the result will be perfect? Keep on reading and find it out!
First of all, it’s worth mentioning that Braé is a multi-cultural professional brand with technologies developed in the United States, Italy, and Brazil by scientists and best hairstylists. A combination of scientific and beauty approaches allowed us to create unique formulas with high performance in the market.
The slogan of Braé is "Love and Hair Care Wherever you Go!" Sounds really nice, doesn’t it? In fact, this slogan reflects the brand philosophy: hair care to everyone! Braé provides a wide range of products that are aimed at solving different problems that blondes may face. Thus, you can provide maximum haircare to your blonde customers in your salon.
Explain to your clients what Bond Angel is. Bond Angel is a product line that was created for fortifying and preserving natural hair bonds, thus protecting them from the negative impact of different chemicals. Now you have a perfect opportunity to get the desired platinum blond look or any other look that involves the application of the chemical absolutely safe for your hair! Bond Angel will fully protect your hair, so you have nothing to worry about! 
Wanna Be Blonde is a product line for innovative hair bleaching. It contains active collagen and is saturated with nutritious oils. You get a perfect shiny blond shade without any hair damage! For the best result, we recommend using Bond Angel and Wanna Be Blonde haircare lines together!

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