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The Best Hairstylers

We curl straight hair and straighten curly! Quite recently, women need a whole fleet of equipment to fulfill all their desires regarding the beauty of their hair. However, everything has changed with the appearance of multi-stylers on the market! The multi-styler combines a curler, a straightener, a crimper iron, and other hair styling devices, depending on the configuration. One such device can easily replace 2-5 devices and save not only your space on the vanity table, but a lot of money, time, and nerves. Of course, provided that the styler is chosen correctly.
Multifunctional curlers seriously differ in functionality and design, and this is great: every girl can choose exactly what she needs. All stylers can be divided into three groups:
- Stylers with universal handle and replaceable attachments. The number of attachments depends on the specific model: there can be either two or 5-6. The advantage of this type is that each set can be used as a separate device. The disadvantage is that the set takes up a lot of space.
- All-in-one stylers. They don’t have any attachments. Instead of them, different functions (straightener, crimper, curler) are already built into the styler. Their advantage is their compactness, simple and quick use, convenient transportation. There are no replaceable attachments, which means there is no risk of getting burned or breaking something when replacing them.
- Steam multi-stylers have a built-in water reservoir. During the styling process, the hair is additionally moisturized with steam. It prevents the hair from the harmful effects of high temperatures.
Which manufacturer of the multi-styler should you choose?
This type of device is intended for home (non-professional) use, so the widest and most interesting assortment should be sought among well-known brands of household appliances. Rowenta and BaByliss brands are considered to be the best, as their devices are the most modern and multifunctional. They literally seem to predict what girls dream about. You can also buy great quality products from Philips, Remington. Looking for a cheaper option? Pay attention to Polaris and Sinbo.

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