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The Best Hair Scrubs for Sensitive Scalp

Nowadays scalp scrub isn’t an option but a must: many women live in big cities, so for their natural hair to stay beautiful and healthy, they have to use scrubs in order to remove the dead cells and impurities from the scalp. What are the best hair scrubs? Check out this article!1. Kiehl’s scrub for scalp cleansing. It’s a soft scrub with a thick but smooth texture and fine exfoliating particles from apricot seed and argan nutshells. The scrub gently cools the skin thanks to menthol and is suitable for oily skin. Besides, this product contains rosemary oil.2. The Body Shop shampoo-scrub. Shampoo with scrubbing particles from The Body Shop is packaged in a convenient jar. It is based on...

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Unruly hair: hair care tips

Does moisture change the structure of the hair and spoil the hairstyle? Does your hair look unkempt without a hairdryer? If yes, then we’ve prepared for you some tips for taming unruly hair. Keep on reading!Comb your hair correctlyIf you really want to deal with unruly hair and flyaways, it's important to choose the right comb to prevent breakage. Switch to hair brushes with natural bristles: they not only provide gentle combing but also better distribute natural sebum throughout the hair, so it will be less frizzy.The way you brush your hair is equally important. Professionals recommend combing your hair from the ends, gradually moving higher and higher to the roots. This way you damage your hair much less and...

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Permanent hair straightening: is it true salvation or a true disaster?

The summer is right around the corner and guess what: the humidity will be right there as well! Summer unleashes the frizz, our flyaways become messy and unruly... It’s just the moment when we visit our hairstylist and ask him to perform a permanent hair straightening. However, is this a good idea? Keep on reading and find it out!How does permanent hair straightening work? Firstly, the chemicals change the structure of your hair and then they literally fix the new structure. As a result, you get perfectly straight hair! The effect will last for several months or until new hair grows. This procedure also helps to cope with split hair ends and repair thin and weakened hair.There are different types...

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Post-dyeing hair care rules and tips

Nowadays salon hair dyeing is quite an expensive procedure. Thus, each woman wants her hair color to look as bright and vivid as possible for quite a long time. Unfortunately, not every woman has an opportunity to visit a hair salon every 3-4 weeks in order for a professional hairstylist to take care of her hair color. In this article, we will give you several useful tips on how you can maintain luxurious hair color longer. Keep on reading! 1. Choose the right shampoo. Home hair care is very important, especially when it comes to dyed hair. Your shampoo should be created exclusively for dyed hair. If you’re blonde, then try blond shampoo and conditioner. 2. Use a hair conditioner...

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How to Properly Comb Your Hair?

Many people think that brushing their hair adversely affects its condition. However, it’s not true. Brushing is a necessary part of maintaining the beauty of your hair, as long as you comb your hair regularly and correctly. Improve the condition of your hair by following our tips. For healthy and shiny hair, brush it twice a day. In the morning and the evening before going to bed brush your hair for one minute. If you have voluminous hair of medium length or long hair, brush it with large-diameter flat massage brushes. If you have short and thin hair, choose small-diameter brushes. Hair brushing improves blood circulation and has a beneficial effect on the scalp, allowing you to psychologically get rid...

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