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3 ideas for spring hair dyeing from hairstylists

We are sure that in spring lots of women feel a little need for changes. Of course, many of them are related to hair changes! What can be more refreshing than a new hair color? Check out our article and get inspired by the best ideas suggested by the top hairstylists!
If you want to fully refresh your look, you should try Californian highlights. With this technique, the hair looks natural due to a gentle transition from darker hair at the roots to lighter hair ends. Therefore, when hair grows, there is no need to dye your hair roots every month.
With California highlighting, you can get up to five shades on your hair, from platinum to golden honey, which creates the effect of natural hair volume and looks super shiny in the sun.
If you are a brunette, but dream of changing your look by adding highlights to your hair, then stylists recommend you a special option which is Venetian highlighting. This option allows you to give your hair the effect of sun-streaked strands due to the light strands that smoothly blend into the rest of your dark hair. Your haircut becomes more dynamic, and the hair color starts to look more lively which favorably emphasizes your look and facial features.
One of the most versatile hair colors is Shatush, which allows you to create the effect of natural hair by a smooth transition from light hair at the ends to darker roots. Dark roots will add depth to the color, while lighter strands will add volume to your hair. This color option can be suitable for any type of hair, giving zest to your look.

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