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The best ideas for balayage on brown hair

Balayage is still one of the most popular hair dyeing options and that’s definitely for a reason: it looks amazing, refreshing your whole look and making it brighter. Besides, this option doesn’t require you to visit a hair salon every month! What are the best ideas for balayage on brown hair? Keep on reading and get inspired!
If you are a brunette and you don’t want to change your natural hair color greatly, then try to make a balayage with bright contrast. The upper part of the hair can be left as it is, or darkened a little, but the ends of the hair will become much lighter. This contrast will make you look natural yet trendy! The most important thing is that the transition from very dark to very light color should be smooth, gradient.
Balayage, imitating natural highlights, looks as if your hair isn’t dyed at all. It seems that it just shines in the light. This type of hair dyeing is suitable for those women who don’t want to dramatically change their hair color but want to make their hairstyle more spectacular. If you are a fan of naturalness and don’t want your hair to look dyed, then this particular type of balayage will suit you.
Reddish shades that smoothly turn into a dark color at the upper part of your hair are one of the most fashionable trends of the season. Caramel balayage looks best on dark hair, so this is your advantage. It can be very natural, or it can go into a bright red hue. You just have to decide whether you want just to refresh the ends of the hair, or to make caramel highlights along the entire length.

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