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5 Blonde Babylights Ideas

Blondes have more fun - and that’s true, since blondes have so many color variations that look gorgeous. You will definitely strive to try them all! In this article we will give you the examples of top-5 trendy blonde babylights ideas that you can right before the New Year or Christmas party in order to become the main star of the evening!
Before moving on to the trendiest babylights options, we have to tell you what babylights are. In fact, babylights are tiny subtle highlights created by applying a hair lightener. In order to get babylights, a stylist should take much finer hair sections than in case with traditional highlights. Babylights will be a perfect addition to any of the techniques that we will list below.
1. Warm blonde babylights. In this case, you can combine balayage and babylights. This combination will visually give your hair extra volume and shine.
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2. Brown hair babylights. A hairstylist can add several strands three or four shades brighter than the base color. It will create a shiny effect whenever the light falls on your hair.
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3. Dark brown hair babylights. In this case, babylights will add depth to super rich chocolate or chestnut colors. Your babylights should be no more than two or three shades lighter than the base color in order to achieve a natural result.
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4. Strawberry blonde babylights. You can add some warm babylights to your strawberry blonde which usually has copper or reddish undertone.
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5. Silver babylights. The most unusual option for ladies who love experiments. Silvery-emerald babylights look quite unusual and bold!
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