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How to properly clean your scalp and dry hair

Haircare starts from basic things, did you know it? It’s funny but lots of people make mistakes even doing these simplest procedures, and that negatively affects hair health. In today’s article, we will tell you how to properly clean your scalp and blow-dry your hair, keep on reading!
Nowadays many professional haircare lines have special scalp clean & detox products that are aimed at cleaning the scalp from all the dirt and dust particles. Remember that the beauty of your hair starts from the health of your scalp. Quite often such scalp detox products are produced in the form of an emulsion. Apply it before using shampoo. Emulsion cleans the scalp from environmental pollution and dandruff particles. This product is perfect for stressed, oily, or dandruff scalp.
Now let’s move on to hair drying. Dry your hair with a microfiber towel or regular waffle weave towel: these materials quickly absorb moisture and do not damage your hair. Most importantly, dry your hair from roots to ends using such a towel! However, don’t rub hard, otherwise, your curls will start to split. Use a fishbone comb for wet hair: this way the air passes through the strands and removes moisture from them faster. Apply thermal protector and start drying your hair. Use only a warm air regime and keep the blow drier 30 cm away from your hair! It will help you not to damage your hair. Don’t blow dry your hair more than 10 minutes, otherwise hot air will burn it!

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