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Is Your Salon Ready For Christmas Party Season?

Christmas party season is the busiest period for salons. We are sure that you have lots of bookings and are ready for the fuss but are you sure that you have properly prepared? Check out this article and find out!
1. Retail promotion. Refresh your retail area which could usually be ignored by the clients. Display some nice gift ideas, create gift sets, check if they are packed attractively. Put some inexpensive items by your windowsill. It can boost impulse buys, especially if some of your clients sit next to the window.
2. Make sure you are stocked up with the necessary tools and products. There are a lot of Christmas party-goers so you have to be 100% sure that you have enough hair gel and hairspray to create even the craziest hairstyles ever!
3. Prepare your salon and staff. First of all, plan how you will serve your clients because the pandemic isn’t over yet. Do your best in order to provide the safest services. Next, tell your staff that it’s going to be a really hard period but after that, they’re going to have rest and receive cash bonus from you!

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