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Ombré trends 2021

Among the trendy techniques for hair dyeing, ombre seems to be one of the most popular. This trend is quite understandable since ombre makes it possible to refresh the look, experiment with the color palette, but at the same time look natural and stylish, and not shift to drastic changes in appearance.
Ombre is a gradient hair dyeing that involves the transition from one color to another. In the classic version, the hair at the roots retains its natural shade, and the ends become lighter in several tones.
However, by the 2020-2021 season, ombre received many new variations, making it even more interesting and hot!
First, the transition line can be very smooth, or it can be quite clear. Secondly, ombre can be either vertical or horizontal. Finally, experiments with color are also welcomed - in addition to natural tones, brighter colors are widely used by hairstylists.
So, for example, copper, honey, and even cherry tones look great on a naturally dark base, creating a flame effect. The most daring women can even choose an extreme color, for example, a colorful ombre with purple, blue, green, yellow, or pink accents.
A trendy feature of 2021 is a vintage ombre that creates the effect of grown-out roots. It is characterized by dyeing the roots in a darker color, for example, chocolate, and lightening the middle part of the strands.

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