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5 tips on how to improve customer satisfaction

In this article, you will find out 5 tips on how to surprise your customers and provide them with an impeccable level of service. Advantages of high-quality salon service are pretty obvious: growth in the profit of a beauty salon; customer retention and return; reduction in advertising budgets (due to word of mouth); increasing the efficiency of personnel. Besides, high-quality service affects staff turnover, minimizing it.
1. Service should always be accompanied by a smile
Scientists have calculated that 80% of a person's success depends on the ability to communicate with a smile. It’s the smile that will play the main role from the first impression of your beauty salon. Be sure to smile when you meet and see off a client, and, of course, while working with him.
2. Ability to communicate is the key to success
In a beauty salon, the provision of services is purely personal and sometimes intimate. It’s incredibly important that the staff of a beauty salon can find a common language with any client and have effective communication skills. Correct identification of needs and consultation is also the ability to communicate.
3. Keep your beauty salon completely clean
Carefully observe the cleanliness of the premises in the beauty salon. Customers are paying incredible attention to this. Check the cleanliness of toilets, halls, and offices constantly! Energize your employees with a "cleanliness attack", and your clients will thank you for this.
4. Connect customers to improve service levels
The clients of the beauty salon are the first persons whom you should ask about how to improve the service. They know everything - they pay money for it, and many of them want to get the most for this money. Do polls and questionnaires. Maybe your clients would like to see more new products like a hair mask for curly hair, frizz-free hair products, oil for hair and skin, etc.
5. Know your services and products
Employees' knowledge of the full range of beauty services is an integral part of high-quality service. Without this, it will be impossible to identify needs, offer the client what suits him and make him satisfied. Constantly updated information about the services and products of your beauty salon. Perform knowledge testing of employees.

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