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How to Make Your Salon Live on Social Media

Of course, we’re sure that you have lots of social media accounts. However, sometimes there are situations when new posts, for example, on Facebook or Instagram don’t get as many likes as they used to get.
Nowadays different social media platforms and apps offer us so many opportunities for online-presence! Perhaps you just need to use some new types of content, for example, live? In this article, we’ll tell you how to make your salon live on social media!

Pre-made video

In today’s world of excessively photoshopped pictures, people prefer videos over pictures. You probably heard of YouTube or Vine, which were the main sources of video content recently. Videos are pretty effective when it comes to showing your brand in front of as many potential customers as possible.

Live video

Not just pre-made videos are relevant but live videos as well! Are you performing hair smoothing and straightening treatment at the moment? Amazing! Why don’t you go live on Instagram, for example? Show your existing and potential customers a part of the process and actions performed by your high-quality professionals!

Facebook Live

Facebook is still the most popular social network for business but now it allows you to go live and show behind-the-scenes of your salon! You’ll see how many people have joined your life and watch their reactions! During live you can recommend to viewers some procedures and products, like hair masks for curly hair or blonde care shampoo!

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