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How to choose a shampoo for thin hair

When choosing a shampoo, you need to pay attention not only to the structure of your hair but also to its type or condition. Beauty manufacturers offer products for oily, dry, colored, or damaged hair.
A good shampoo for thin hair should contain the following ingredients:
- Keratin - to strengthen the hair structure without the effect of weighting;
- Vitamin B5, which envelops the hair with the thinnest film, providing its protection and shine;
- Arginine, which has a beneficial effect on hair follicles;
- Silk proteins, which remove porosity, making the surface of the hair smooth;
- Fruit acids - to make hair more manageable;
- Plant extracts - for general wellness therapy, necessary for weakened hair.
Many shampoos work due to the silicones in their composition.They give hair extra smoothness and shine, but often weigh down the curls. Organic products help avoid this problem, but their visible effect is weaker.
Braé has different shampoos that can solve different hair problems that blondes often face. However, we would like to recommend Divine Absolutely Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner. All the Braé Divine products were created from a blend of vegetable extracts, coconut water, and coconut oil, specially selected to protect the hair against humidity, leaving it intensely silky, more nourished, and anti-frizz.

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