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Professional thermal protection for hair: the best products that will be useful for you

Blowdryer or hair styler damages the hair by breaking the bonds in keratin due to moisture evaporation. Therefore, the hair becomes dry and brittle. It is especially not recommended to use stylers on wet hair - this will ruin it in half the time.
Many studies confirm that it becomes dangerous to heat hair without thermal protection even at temperatures of 140 degrees - usually only the starting temperature for many stylers.
The essence of thermal protection is that it "covers" the hair, evenly distributing heat. This allows your strands to heat up more slowly. At temperatures above 200 degrees, the hair structure is completely destroyed, while almost all curlers and straighteners offer an operating mode of 170 degrees and above. Therefore, one cannot do without thermal protective products and it is better to use them so they can protect your hair against the most extreme temperatures. Thermal protectors keep moisture inside the hair, preventing it from evaporating.
In order to get the desired effect and not to make the hair heavy, or, conversely, not to nourish it enough, you need to choose thermal protection according to the type of your hair. For dry and brittle hair, choose thermal protection products in the form of a moisturizing spray or creamy texture, for normal and healthy hair, a light water-based spray.
One of the best thermal protectors highly recommended by many hairstylists are:
- Icon Welder, Evo
- Speed of Light, Aveda
- Sublimateur, Leonor Greyl